Six Benefits to Online Writing Workshops


Here at Wordsmith_HQ, we work with and support hundreds of writers just like you and many of those are located outside of the UK (in countries such as USA, Australia and India) or live beyond the East Midlands (where we are currently based) in places such as Oxfordshire, Liverpool and Ireland. Because of this, we’re advocates for the online writing workshop – giving writers who are busy with work and families, or who just happen to live further away, the opportunity to remain a significant part of our wider writing community no matter what their situation, location or lifestyle.

We recognise that some writers prefer to meet others and build their networks in person, so we run physical workshops and events throughout the year. However, we also recognise that writers aren’t born from isolation. We know how important it is for you to be able to meet like-minded creative individuals and receive thoughts and feedback from others on your work, so we host regular Creative Writing webinars (streamed live via YouTube once a month) to give you the opportunity to spark your imagination, write along with us in real-time, and chat to our wider writing community about your work.

Not sure if a Creative Writing webinar is right for you? We’ve rounded-up the top six benefits of taking part in an online workshop just like those we host once a month below.

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It gives you the chance to kickstart your writing – sparking your imagination to inspire something new or to develop something that you’ve already written.

Online workshops are a fantastic way to get started or keep going with your writing. Here at Wordsmith_HQ, we run these as presentations (complete with inspiring visuals and voiceover from me), so that you can follow our writing exercises live and write in real-time with us.

Online workshops (webinars) like this will often cover a range of themes so that you can find the ones that are right for you. They can be specific to form or genre, and are often very informative, but ours are much more about providing you with the space and time to get some writing done and network with others just like you – and that doesn’t mean you have to write something new. Many writers come to our webinars with an idea of something they’d like to develop if they feel the theme fits with what they’re currently working on.

It’s offers you the chance to celebrate a smaller win by committing a shorter amount of time (1.5 hours per month), something that seems both realistic and achievable, to your writing.

In all the videos that I’ve shared with you so far, and in all of the conversations we’d had, I’ve talked a lot about the smaller wins and commitments – from dedicating a day to your writing at a local retreat to spending just 5 minutes per morning writing freely with our fast-paced, but fun writing exercises – and that’s because I understand how busy you are.

As writers, many of us have other work, full-time roles elsewhere to maintain our lifestyles, families and children to care for, or even commitments to exercise for the benefits of our health, which means that finding time for writing can seem near-on impossible!

Online workshops (webinars) like these monthly sessions we run provide you with the chance to celebrate a smaller win by committing a shorter amount of time, that is both realistic and achievable, to your writing – in our case, just 1.5 hours per month.

You get to be part of a wider network and community of writers!

One of the most fantastic things about online workshops or webinars is the fact that, if hosted correctly, you’ll have the opportunity to be part of a much wider network and community of writers online. This means that not only do you get to write along with others in real-time, but you’ll also get the opportunity to network and chat to fellow writers online (through a live chat function) as part of the workshop, too. And, here at Wordsmith_HQ, this is something that we pride ourselves on offering because we’ve really seen the benefits!

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You’ll receive real-time thoughts and feedback on your writing thanks to that same community of writers!

And if a little bit of time for your writing and meeting others just like you still isn’t enough, online workshops (webinars) are a fantastic place for providing you with the space and opportunity to receive real-time thoughts and feedback on your writing thanks to that same unique community of writers you’ll meet during those special 90 minutes of writing time!

Here at Wordsmith_HQ, this is one of our most important values – to ensure that every writer we work with, support and receive submissions from isn’t left behind and receives useful feedback from us whether we decide to publish their writing in future or not.

We ensure that we provide our thoughts on each writer’s work during every online session (that means you’ll usually get a little name-drop live!), while fostering a feeling of inclusivity among everyone taking part.

You can take part from wherever you are, no matter your geographical location, and all from the comfort of your own home.

This is an absolute highlight of mine! If like me, you love nothing more than getting home from your busy day at work with a cuppa, your comfies and being cuddled up on the sofa then GREAT NEWS: You can take part in online workshops (webinars) like ours from anywhere you like!

This means that even if you live in a remote or rural area, or you can’t travel far to get to physical workshops and writing events, there is something for you to access from the comfort of your own home – without having to get up from the sofa!

And at Wordsmith_HQ, we encourage it! I often run these sessions from the comfort of my home office (sat on a beanbag with a cuppa) because I know that, if I’m feeling relaxed, I’ll promote and encourage that same relaxed attitude during the webinar. It’ll only ever feel like a lovely pastime and will never feel like work for any of us…

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You can access it from anywhere and at any time after it has gone live – meaning you’ll never have to miss one!

Finally, online workshops (webinars) are super accessible. If you sign up for one, you can usually access the recorded version at a time to suit you afterwards. This means that it is available forever post the live-stream so that, if you miss the live version or can’t access it in real-time for whatever reason (you might be putting your kids to bed at that time, for example), you’ll be able to access it later and write along at a time suitable for you. Plus, you’ll still be able to see the comments that other writers have left during the live session in the chat function, too!

And, here at Wordsmith_HQ, I’ll always offer you the option to email me directly to share your work or ask any questions about the session as well.


Got any further questions about how our Creative Writing webinars work?

Comment below or email me directly with your questions. I’d be more than happy to answer these for you.

Interested in taking part?

Our first, online workshop of 2019, themed on ‘Surroundings and Description’, will take place on Wednesday 30th January at 6.30pm (GMT).

Reserve your place here and we’ll send you full details of how to access the live session, including how to access it again after the 30th January, via email by midnight on Monday 28th January.

I look forward to you joining me!

Sophie x