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We recognise that writers aren’t born from isolation, so we bring you together with fellow writers and literary professionals to help you on your journey towards publication.

Through our unique Wordsmith community online, you’ll have the chance to interact regularly with our team, special guests and each other.

You’ll have access to bespoke advice, exclusive group content in the form of online workshops, courses and webinars, plus our forum will provide you with safe space to share and receive important feedback on your works in progress.

Become a member of the Wordsmith family and join our wonderful community online below.

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As well as support online, we know that some writers prefer to access our help in person so we also offer a range of workshops and development days to give you the chance to make a commitment to your writing.

Upcoming Workshops and Events in the East Midlands


Found and verbatim poetry with sophie

Monday 18th February, 6.30-8.30pm at Nottingham Writers’ Studio

In this session, you’ll learn how to apply the specific techniques connected to writing Found and Verbatim Poetry, including Erasure, Traditional Cut and Paste methods and Collage.

Prices start from £10.

The workshop was fun and engaging, and it made me think about the writing process in a whole new way. Sophie created a welcoming atmosphere and was able to get even the quietest members of the group to join in.
— Kristina Adams



Following the great success of our first Development Day in 2018, we’ll be hosting our next one this April to celebrate our first birthday as Wordsmith_HQ.

With a series of writing and performance workshops, collaborative exercises, speed-feedback, awards for our writers, and talks from published authors, there will be plenty for you to get involved in!

Keep your eye on our Events Calendar for more information as we update it in the coming months…

I loved the collaborative part of the first session, it was a great way to get to know another writer and come up with something you’d never think of on your own.
— Development Day Attendee #1
I really liked the exercise of going through the work of another writer and using the findings to inform your own writing. I think that’s something writers don’t do enough.
— Development Day Attendee #2

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