Read and Review Service


Read and Review Service

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“A big thank you to Sophie and her team for helping me pull the final strands of my first novel together. [They] offered me an honest, impartial appraisal and constructive solutions for resolving my outstanding concerns. They rallied me to keep going, encouraged me not to overbend to the views of others (including their own), but to have the confidence to stay true to my own voice and my original concept.” - Kathryn Adams, author of Death in Grondere (see book in picture with our Kathryn who reviewed it for her)

Have you got a work-in-progress, a piece of writing, or a manuscript that you’d like help with?

Would you like someone to review it and offer feedback or even proofread it for you?

If so, our team are able to do just that. We’ll place your work in the hands of the most suitable member of our team based on its genre, form and what you’re trying to achieve with it, too!

Read and Review and / or Proofreading services here at Wordsmith_HQ begin at £15 / hour, but prices may vary depending on the length of your piece, individual budgets, and the time it takes our team to work closely with it.

In addition, we’re always on-hand to support you through the process and any work you might do on the manuscript post receiving our feedback or comments!

We promise to always quote you the total cost in advance, so no costs are hidden or added last minute as a surprise.

Wordsmith_HQ works as a social enterprise and all profits from services such as this will go back into the support and services we offer to our writers. This year, profits will also go towards a new bursary to support a writer on a low income to access support for and develop their writing (to be announced in the Spring).

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