The Purple Breakfast Review #2: Technology vs Nature (2015)


The Purple Breakfast Review #2: Technology vs Nature (2015)


The Purple Breakfast Review returned with its second issue, exploring the very relevant and often controversial theme (and question) of ‘Technology vs. Nature’.

This particular issue featured a wide-range of poems, short stories and non-fiction articles from 10 writers across the UK. Fabulous drawings and artwork accompanied the works of our writers thanks to the brilliant illustrator, Lynsey da Silva Dias. 

Melanie Erspamer
Liam Guilfoyle
Eloise Hendy
Sarah Hindmarsh
Emily Ingram
Stuart McKenzie
Aisling Press
Thomas Roberts
Louise Singleton
Lois Roddy

The texts we chose for this issue captured something unique and different in their explorations of our theme ‘Technology vs. Nature’. They dealt in electricity, with the richness of the woods used in so many of these poetic images; they dealt in memory, to captivate what time passing and the invention of technology has meant for us.

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