The Purple Breakfast Review #5: Sound and Silence (2018)


The Purple Breakfast Review #5: Sound and Silence (2018)


As the first issue printed in 2018, Sound and Silence featured twenty poems and short stories from new and established writers from across the UK, USA and Australia, as well as a poem by established playwright, poet and spoken-word artist, Toby Campion.

Lerah Mae Barcenilla
Kerry Clarke
Shirley Coughlin
Jade Cuttle
Lucia Daramus
E M Hector
Sarah Hindmarsh
Hailey Hudson
Damini Kane
Sam Love
Stuart McKenzie
Donna Meyer
Christina Mylonas
Lindsay Reid
Aimee White
Benjamin White
Chris Wilkinson
Waiwai Yeap

The pieces selected for this issue of The Purple Breakfast Review were powerful and naturally fit the theme of ‘Sound and Silence’. They were thought-provoking, disturbing and fascinating all at once, and evoked a wide range of emotions. As a whole, this collection explored a variety of interesting concepts connected to the unique theme of ‘Sound and Silence’ and was complete with rich metaphorical language and a strong use of colour and imagery throughout.

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Please note that some works contained in this collection feature adult themes.  For this reason, it may not be suitable for children under the age of 16.

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