The Purple Breakfast Review #1: Beginnings (2015)


The Purple Breakfast Review #1: Beginnings (2015)


The first-ever issue of The Purple Breakfast Review, printed back in 2015, was themed on ‘Beginnings’. It featured written work and breathtaking artwork and illustrations by a diverse selection of talented authors and artists.

Lydia Cooper
Katy Corderoy
Lynsey Da Silva Dias
Lauren Donaghue
Melanie Erspamer
Camilla Eustance
Dave Everitt
Adele Falconer
Pattie Flint
Radha Landa
Scott Litster
Jarred Saul
Darren Sharp
Curtis Silas
India Sutton
Zanny Taylor
Polly Wyer
Walker Zupp

It was a great honour to receive so many creative pieces for consideration and a tough task determining our shortlist from such a wonderful selection of works. The texts and illustrations we chose for this debut issue capture something very special in the exploration of our first theme ‘Beginnings’. They dealt in warmth, with the richness of colour used in so many of our chosen images; they dealt in emotion, to captivate what beginning again can mean for any one of us; they varied in length, in style, and in subject matter.

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