we believe and stand for the same key values of life-long learning and professional development

If you’ve been with us since our early days, you’ll know that Wordsmith_HQ was previously The Student Wordsmith. We may have undergone a significant re-brand, but we still stand for the same important values.

We still support you and champion your work as you develop your craft and realise your potential, and our unique Wordsmith community is still at the heart of everything we do!

Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or you’re joining us for this new adventure, we can’t wait to work with you!

Here’s a little overview of where we’ve come from…

april 2013 - the present day

April 2013: The Student Wordsmith launches

January 2014: You is for University is published

January 2015: The Purple Breakfast Review is launched

June 2015: We become an award-winning platform!

September 2015: Sophie recruits Gita & Jennifer

April 2016: WE host first-ever writing awards

SEPTEMBER 2017-18: Emily & kATHRYN join US

January 2019: WE become Wordsmith_HQ!

Wordsmith_HQ: Life-Long Learning and Professional Development for Your Writing