Flames by Maha Siddiqui

Flames by Maha Siddiqui

Sitting on my bed,

I look out of the window

to the busy streets below:

to the noisy cars,

the groups walking past,


So beautiful.

Such a dream,

some people would say.

But my eyes are blinded;

all I see is the darkness

taking over,

no other place to go.

I turn away

from this brightness.

Pull me in,

push me away;

that’s all I am

to people —

never noticed.


I am out in the open.

Walking down the stairs,

horrific thoughts fill my head.

I open the door,

feel the wind

push me down.

I am on the ground.

Someone help me,

I’m desperate

for a saviour,

for someone to pick me up,

to tell me it’s okay,

to take me to a place

far away —

where the sun shines all day,

endless rainbows fill the sky,

and the raindrops turn to crystal snowflakes.

No-one does.

I am left imagining.

No one comes,

and I am left alone.

I burst into flames,

and only ashes remain.

Maha Siddiqui is 15 years old and loves writing poetry because it allows her to express how she is feeling. She is based in Chicago, Illinois and she loves to bake and paint.

We have chosen to work with Maha and share her poetry on Freckled Ink as we really see the potential in her early work. In particular, the feelings she expresses here and their power - something we thought many may resonate with. Well done, Maha!