Monster, by Arthur Murphy

Monster, by Arthur Murphy

it starts when you tell
and he sits
stone-faced as you try and
explain it

he says he doesn’t care
that he always knew
but i swallow and smile

things will be fine

until i actually started to
grow horns and razor blade fingernails
and I was the monster that
scared him

the feeling of franticness
sets deep into my bones
until family meals become
war zones and
my body is a weapon

maybe i'll take it
into my own hands
and cut him harder that
he'd ever know.

it's too hard to say what i’d do
but maybe I can't simply convince someone I’m normal
so I grow out my claws
my horns
my fur

and i roar


Arthur Murphy is a 17 year old student, who writes experimental poetry about his own experiences with abuse, sexuality and mental health. His poems ultimately explore coming of age and self love. He’s considered himself a poet since the age of eight, and never lost his passion. You can find his poetry on his Instagram @murphy.writing