Stories by Alisha Kanabar

Stories by Alisha Kanabar

Tell me a story

of a passer-by;

of a set of eyes, brighter than the sun;

of the glimmer of happiness and hope

of your hands resting upon hers;

of your gaze dancing in her reflection.


Tell me a verse

of a joyful song, lyrics twirling, twining towards timelessness;

of feeling lost, embedded and entranced;

of you dancing in her skin.


Tell me a poem,

of that passer-by who became more than an obligatory tie;

of a test of care, a soul to love;

of a body along which you yearned to lie


Tell me a play, even just one act,

of the person who became your peace;

of an exhibition of your fondest memories, exchanged in the glance of eyes;

of a rainbow where the colour of love refuses to leave.


Tell me your story

of the stranger




Alisha Kanabar is a 28 years old Nursery Educator. She studied Philosophy and has a PGCE in Secondary Humanities. Born in Leicester but currently living in Zurich, Switzerland. She has been writing since a young age, on scraps of paper and hiding them under her bed! Encouraged by her mother to share them. She is inspired by life events she has been through, and writes to process her feelings and emotions entwined within these life events. Follow her on Instagram: @chicabeypoetry