Haven by Amy Hartley

Haven by Amy Hartley

Our Amy is moving to America! So, we decided it was high-time we shared a little more of her writing right here on Freckled Ink as she prepares for her big move overseas! Good luck and congratulations, Amy!

This is ‘Haven’ by Amy Hartley.

We hope that you enjoy reading it.


From biting cold to a

prickly warmth that

s p r e a d s



the feeling back.

By candlelight, a grey world full of


growing familiarity —

a sense of all that is secure.

This window is a portal

to all that you leave behind.

Lids fall shut, you do not think.

For a while, that envelope of light is all that matters.

Tingling creeps from fingertips

at the very ends of your body.

It reminds you of living —

lighting the touch-paper

of your furthest extremities,

it burns

now it has taken hold.

No matter when you need to return,





Since graduating with a Creative Writing Master’s degree at Loughborough University, Amy has set her sights upon the somewhat mystical and elusive goal of becoming a writer and poet. Previously a devout prose-writer with only a novel on the brain, her horizons have since expanded to many other forms. She is currently working on a collection of poetry (working title ‘Dripping From My Heart’). Her published works include ‘Debut’ (Reflex Fiction website) and ‘My Art and I’ (The Purple Breakfast Review, Volume 6).