Of Minor Significance by Laura Lewis-Waters

Of Minor Significance by Laura Lewis-Waters

Sleek cylindrical curves, innate

warmth ready to spread,

switch down, the room

charged with static anticipation.

Unaware of your actions

you renew your duty, determined

to see it through.

Caressing the narrow

rectangular window, water


The frothy edge swells around my feet, I have a great disregard of bare feet.

When they sink with a sense of relief, the coral is bleached and my feet are secure

but my mind is not – it is lost and wandering deserted. I am patient, but

I once heard that time is water


It is you they all turn to,

during the breaks in the soaps.

You they rely on,

to warm a cold heart,

but they do not realise

you warm more than hearts


Maybe water is also time, staring through the condensated panes, overhead cirrostratus thread the sky and an atoll was threatened. The earth shifts and the water waist-high spills up the sand. Perhaps, like you, the sea is overfilled ‘wasting 3,500-something tonnes of CO2’. A fleeting glance at your compatriots – the hob and the microwave – but mother told me to beware of those


Your rumbles are louder now,

you begin to shake, throwing out

steam like it is nothing.

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Laura is a keen traveller and environmental enthusiast from the middle of the Midlands. She has lived on three continents and has left behind a little writing in all three. Having previously studied Literature, History, Creative Writing and Volcanology, Laura has now combined something of each to study for her PhD at Loughborough University.