Two Poems by Jacob Spivey (Part One)


From the series, ‘Violet’


Has she forgotten

the time we spent together,

moments discarded.


Oceans of time, their waves crashing,

ultimately becoming nothing:

Nature’s anti-climax.



Standing before me so perfect, so glorious;

she disgusts me,

ensnares me,

hates me.


There’s love in her eyes

(or are they tears?)

as she looks at me, through me.

But her actions suggest hate, not love;

I resent how she loves me.

A torturous façade too complex for any mortal

to understand the inner workings of this angel.


Jacob Spivey is a writer based at the University of Leicester. He enjoys writing poetry, memoirs and short stories. In particular, he finds the more mundane things in life, like those things that we take for granted, the most fascinating to write about. He regularly explores little soundbites of inspiration and tries to make sense of them.