The Birds are Dying with the Sound of Tomorrow by Sophie

Writing Prompt The Birds.png

The birds are dying with the sound of tomorrow

We have travelled so long in a world

bound for nowhere, eclipsed;

as the disease clutches tightly:

a cuckoo-land equipped with confusing moments

as the tide rips through

total abandonment -

you are gone too soon.

Your used Kleenex tissue, resembling Earl Grey,

still sits in the pot undrank. On reflection,

the worn lids of my eyes look tired,

overwhelming heartache from no return;


You accede to an illness we could not weather

as the wind chases. Your footsteps,

filled with emptiness, leave

behind a hollow.

The birds are dying with the sound of tomorrow.


Dr Sophie-Louise Hyde is a poet, writing tutor, entrepreneur, tea enthusiast & founder of Wordsmith_HQ (formerly The Student Wordsmith). She began her career in writing and publishing ten years ago, and specialises in verbatim and digital poetry. Sophie also works as an adviser to students wishing to start their own business at Loughborough University while overseeing Wordsmith_HQ.