Develop Your Craft, Realise your Potential.

Welcome to Wordsmith_HQ: The online platform here to support you on your writing and publishing journey.

Welcome to Wordsmith_HQ: The online platform here to support you on your writing and publishing journey

Tell me about your writing…

Tell me about your writing…

Through workshops, courses and writing-related events, 1:1 support programmes and one-off mentoring calls, we focus on your writing practice; helping you to develop your craft and realise your potential.

Our publication and showcasing opportunities, and online resources, enable you to strengthen your portfolio, build your confidence, and share your writing within and beyond our unique Wordsmith community.

Our team of poets, fiction writers, tutors and proofreaders is here to represent you.

Our work is written in honesty, driven by passion and everyone is welcome.

I can’t wait to hear from you and to support you on your journey towards publication!

Sophie (Founder) x


What our writers say…

A big thank you to Sophie and her team for helping me pull the final strands of my first novel together. [They] offered me an honest, impartial appraisal and constructive solutions for resolving my outstanding concerns. They rallied me to keep going, encouraged me not to over-bend to the views of others (including their own), but to have the confidence to stay true to my own voice and my original concept.’ - Kathryn Adams, Death in Grondere

Pictured left: Our Kathryn with Adams’ first novel.

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